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DigiRec is incredibly exceptionally extraordinarily amazingly extremely dependable, accessible and easy to use.

DigiRec is an app for all of your interviews. It creates a genuinely exceptional candidate experience while simultaneously improving productivity and reducing your costs. It also significantly improves your job satisfaction by removing manual administration around interview and candidate compliance.

Interview Recording and Bookmarking

Now you don't need to take excessive notes. Focus on your candidate 100%. Your candidate has a better experience and you get to know them better.

When you start the interview in the app, audio recording of the interview automatically starts. All of the notes you add during the interview are also timestamped to allow you to quickly review the exact moment in the interview which prompted you to make that note.

Capture Candidate Documents

No more mind numbing, laborious photocopying. Simply and efficiently take a picture of your candidate’s ID and right to work documentation. Getting compliant has never been so easy.

The DigiRec app ensures you capture the correct set of documents in order to comply with the Government's Right To Work regulations. You can also capture any other documents that you require as part of your recruitment activity.

Candidate Interview Scheduling

Streamlined interview scheduling means less admin for you and a more enjoyable, professional experience for your candidates, ensuring you're attracting the best people.

DigiRec can issue your candidates an email invite which allow them to select their interview time. That's one bit less admin for you!

And many more features

LinkedIn Sign In

Easy, quick and relevant sign up/in using the industry's most trusted platform.

Interview Notes

No typing up! And no forgetting to type them up onto the system and searching for them weeks later when you have their perfect role available!

Candidate Photo

Using your device, DigiRec puts a face to a name and lets you add candidate profile photos to their record in your internal system(s).

Interview Analysis

DigiRec provides a simple but effective scoring framework for easy interview analysis.

Interview/Job/Question Template

Significantly reduce your costs by automating manual administration. Less admin significantly increases productivity and job satisfaction. This feature also reduces any chance of errors.

Candidate Profiling

Add your competency based interview templates to ensure you have a comprehensive idea of strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Move from paper-based to paperless processes

Not only does it look good with your clients and candidates but we should all be making an effort to be environmentally friendly. Reducing paper-based and increasing paperless processes also significantly increases productivity and job satisfaction.

Data Capture Forms

DigiRec also allows for additional data to be captured during the interview. Just add a form to your template and it will be available to capture whatever data you need to get from the candidate during the interview.

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